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Turns to Glass, and makes your car, boat, airplane,motorcycle and R/V look like a custom paint job! GLARE® Pro Polish is unlike any Car Polish, Motorcycle Polish, Aircraft Polish, Boat Polish and R/V Polish you have ever tried. At Kansas City’s airport, the locations without glare issues were farther from Evergy’s nearest substation, Penzig said, meaning that the cost to move the power. ’ ‘Light&39;s bleaching glare may saturate the picture plane, obscuring tone, details and minute glare particulars. from air to glass). Glare (目線, Mesen) is the eighth episode of the anime. Glare definition is - to shine with a harsh uncomfortably brilliant light.

The glare of the torches was reflected on the barrels, casting evil gleams. Real 5 year Protection, no renewal coat like other car polishes require! It entered major application in, when the Airbus A380 airliner began commercial service. By definition, a glare involves direct and continuous eye contact. It was estimated that the eastern orientation would reduce power production by about 10%. Your opinion is very important to us, and please rest assured that we will not share ANY of this information with others unless you give us EXPLICIT PERMISSION TO DO SO. For all vehicles, Marine, Air, and Land.

glare - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. Generation VI onwards. Glare definition: If you glare at someone, you look at them with an angry expression on your face.

Older people are usually more sensitive to glare due to the aging characteristics of the eye. anti-glare synonyms, anti-glare pronunciation, anti-glare translation, English dictionary definition of anti-glare. GLARE is a relatively successful FML, patented by the Dutch company Akzo Nobel in 1987. Distracting glare – Distracting glare results from light being reflected when it moves from one optical medium to another (e. Factors such as the angle between the task and. glare When you drive, you pull down your visors to block the glare, or the blinding light from the sun.

And the next moment I was standing on the sun-baked sidewalk, blinking my eyes against the glare, and breathing in deep gulps. Glare can now hit Ghost-type Pokémon. People usually begin to feel uneasy when they notice that someone has been staring at them for at least ten seconds.

It is a violently radiating red light divided in a translucent red aura and a brighter epicenter that emits an ear-ringing noise. It can be disabling or simply uncomfortable. Kantek LCD Protect Deluxe Anti-Glare Filter for 19-Inch and 20-Inch Widescreen Monitors (LCD20W) 4. Glare is caused by the reflection of light off of surfaces and is a primary cause of eyestrain. Patients suffering from glare sensitivity will be unable to see the separate contours of brightly lit objects, and their surroundings may merge into a “wall” of bright white. AIR-GLARE will protect your expensive aircraft paint from UV ray discoloration, engine exhaust, air oxidation, and degradation which is caused by air molecules constantly bombarding the exterior at extremely high speeds. ‘To reduce glare from laser light, the models were painted black.

Glare is caused by a significant ratio of luminance between the task (that which is being looked at) and the glare source. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples.

If the player dies on level 13, 13 times, then they are cursed to die in real life. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples A Glare is a strange phenomenon that appears in certain areas of the Swamp, but sometimes also during night events in the Old Woods hideout and Swamp hideout. glare glare noun (LIGHT) C2 U unpleasantly bright or strong light: Tinted windows will reduce the glare/the sun&39;s glare. More Glare images. Imagine the twinge of pain you get when you suddenly see the glare of a strong flash of bright light. ’ ‘English pistols were usually browned to reduce glare and light reflection. That resolved the glare problem, Kandt said, although the solution came with a small cost. IES Discomfort Glare in Outdoor Nighttime Environments (DGONE), which is trying to develop a way to calculate discomfort glare for pedestrian, sports, and other non-roadway nighttime environments, including examining whether the CIE JTC7 approach can be applied to nighttime situations.

The Glare is basically Creepy Pasta meets The Ring, which I think is perfect for a YA Horror storyline. This results in some of the. 0 out of 5 stars 295. glare at (someone glare or something) To look at someone or something with anger. There are four types of glare: Distracting glare, discomforting glare, disabling glare, and blinding glare. Boosts PC speed and fixes frustrating errors, crashes and freezes.

We would like to hear back from those of you whom have used GLARE products. Glare Sensitivity is a debilitating loss of visual acuity in bright lighting, such as when near a bright light source or outdoors in bright sunlight. Glare is a visual sensation caused by excessive and uncontrolled brightness. The accuracy of Glare is increased from 75% to 90%. No evil glare would be complete without it. Halos are bright circles that surround a light source, like headlights.

It is subjective, and sensitivity to glare can vary widely. dazzling or showy appearance; showiness. Define anti-glare. Because of this, some cars include mirrors with automatic anti-glare functions. Glaring at that parking ticket won&39;t make it go away, you know.

Synonyms & Antonyms of glare (Entry 1 of 2) the steady giving off of the form of radiation that makes vision possible the sudden glare of the squad car&39;s headlights in my rearview mirror. Glare may come directly from a light source or be reflected. a very harsh, bright, dazzling light: in the glare of sunlight.

You can get rid of glare by controlling the light source, adapting the surface reflecting it, or by filtering it before it reaches your eyes. All else is uncut sun-cured hay, and its pale uniform buff colour is soft, and an improvement on the glare of bare gravel. 1 Free, Powerful and All-in-one utility for cleaning your PC. All that I will divulge about the story is that there is an urban legend about a video game on the dark web and it&39;s called The Glare. Most people chose this as the best definition of glare: The definition of a glare. Glary Utilities 5. Browse anti+glare+screen on sale, by desired features, or by customer ratings.

za © | All rights reserved | Website by Mighty fine ProductionsMighty fine Productions. Personal Computers . GLARE® Pro Polish is unlike any Car Polish, Motorcycle Polish, Aircraft Polish, Boat Polish and R/V Polish you have ever tried.

This product will make cleaning your aircraft a shorter, easier task. Vivian always used to glare at me, so I thought for sure she didn&39;t like me. Glare&39;s accuracy changed from 90% to 100%. Over matcha green tea ice cream, the Task Force begins investigating the death of Raye Penber. The "rocket&39;s red glare " from the national anthem is the bright light you&39;d see as a rocket shoots through the sky. Dell - UltraSharp 34 Curved USB-C Hub Monitor – U3421WE- IPS -Anti-glare - 5ms Response Time - 60Hz- Height Adjustable - LCD - Silver Model: U3421WE SKU: 6443869. ’ ‘Change the monitor location or tilt it to eliminate glare from lights or windows. GLARE Meaning: "to shine brightly," from or related to Middle Dutch, Middle Low German glaren "to gleam," from.

See definitions of glare. Glare can also be used as part of a Pokémon Contest combination, with the user gaining an extra appeal point if move Leer was used in the prior turn. a fiercely or angrily piercing stare. Glare is light that enters your eye and interferes with your vision.

Staring at the epicenter of the Glare from within its surrounding red aura causes the Protagonist&39;s vision. How to use glare in a sentence. glare (glār), A sensation caused by brightness within the visual field that is sufficiently greater than the luminance to which the eyes are adapted; results in annoyance. Halos and glares can be the sign of a serious eye problem. Glare is difficulty of seeing in the presence of bright light such as direct or reflected sunlight or artificial light such as car headlamps at night. verb (used without object), glared, glar·ing.

See more videos for Glare. L notices that Penber was on the train longer than it took to complete its circuit, left an envelope that didn&39;t belong to him on the train, and appeared to strain out just as he died, the latter of which makes L wonder if Kira was.


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